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The You of You (NaPoWriMo Day 21)
April 21, 2015, 14:30
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I said the first few words to my wife, just after midnight, before we fell asleep. They grew as I slept into this.

The You of You (NaPoWriMo Day 21)

The You of You
I love the feel of you,
the smell of you,
the you of you.
I love the taste of you,
the waist of you,
the moist of you.
Not most of you,
but all of you.
The what of you,
the who of you,
the what you do of you.
The word of you,
the true of you.
The way you lie of you,
the repose of you,
the pose and poise of you.
The eyes of you,
the nose of you,
the ears and hair and mouth of you.
The smile of you,
the warmth of you,
the ‘I want to be with you’ of you.
The honest, decent work of you,
the occasional berserk of you.
The weep of you,
the care of you,
the what, the why, the where of you.
The kiss of you,
the sex of you,
the, ‘there’s something I must do’ of you.
The cook of you,
the look of you,
the knowing what to do of you;
the somehow always pulling through of you,
Whatever others may do or demand of you.
The brain of you,
the mind of you,
the kind, the light, the bright of you.
The motherhood of you,
the working for good of you,
the knowing the right thing to do of you.
The lips of you,
the hips of you,
the funny verbal slips of you.
the study of you,
the write of you,
the never ever wrong of you,
the laughter when you are of you.
The you in everything you do of you,
The love you have for me of you,
the love I have for you.
The thinking of you,
and the thought of you;
the should, the would, the ought of you.
The glimpse I caught of you,
the hug of you,
the hold of you,
the touch of you,
the being there for me of you.
The eternity of you,
the always there of you
the everlasting love of you.
The joy of you,
the play of you,
the lay of you,
the each and every day of you.
All of this is true of you,
and all of this I love of you,
But most of all I love
the You of you.


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