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No Escape (NaPoWriMo Day 24)

A lot of photos appear on my Google Plus since it started to import crap from Facebook. A lot of the pictures are of young Asian girls; there are many beautiful and some over processed landscapes, but sometimes there is something special. As I did my regular trawl of people to block a black and white photo caught, as several times before, my attention. That photo inspired this poem.

No Escape (NaPoWriMo Day 24) on YouTube

There is No Escape
There is no escape.
No escape from the hard experience
Etched into that face;
The black and white, utterly merciless.
This is a contrast
From young girls who appear uninvited
On my Google Plus,
With their pink and softly air brushed faces
They are monochrome,
Not this old man with his lines and highlights.
He makes me wonder
What pain and tragedy his eyes have seen.
His eyes hold mine
And a thousand questions rise in my mind.
The girls I can block,
But there is no escape from that old man.
No shallow selfie
Someone saw the shadows in his sad soul
Leak into his face
And carefully composed and cropped the sight
In bleak black and white.
I return again to him, and again
He peers from the dark
With his sad stare, I cannot understand
Why he makes me feel
So uncomfortable, but for me now
There is no escape.


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