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What Does Scotland Want? (NaPoWriMo Day 28)

I had some ideas floating round my head yesterday, but I found it difficult to shape them. I think today’s poem gets closer.

What Does Scotland Want? (NaPoWriMo Day 28) on YouTube

What does Scotland want?
Hope not empty promises,
Promises born of fear,
Fear of the people,
The people who cast their vote;
They vote, so few, in desperation,
Desperation at the empty lies,
The lies the politicians tell,
Tell to get themselves elected;
Elected, faith they never keep,
Keep their vows and promises,
Promises broken are the death of hope,
Hope is what Scotland wants.

What does Scotland want?
Hope born of vision,
A vision of a better world,
A better world for everyone,
For everyone, not only Scots;
Scots want to shape the future,
A future that lies in their own hands,
Hands that reach out in friendship,
Friendship to our neighbours;
Neighbours who betray are not friends,
Friends do not steal from friends,
Friends support their friends’ vision;
A vision is what Scotland has.

What does Scotland have?
A vision born of a passion,
A passion born of faith,
Faith in our fellow humans
And human rights born of justice,
Justice which is born from love
Of others and of our land;
Our land that cries for freedom,
Freedom born of nobility of soul,
The soul that looks forward not back,
Back to oppression, but to the future;
The Future is what Scotland holds.

What does Scotland hold?
A future that is born of vision,
A vision unfettered by fear,
Fear of mere material loss,
Loss of dignity is greater;
Greater still the Scottish pride,
Pride in the Scottish people,
The people who choose this land,
Land of beauty and resources,
Resources to be shared by all,
All who make this land their home;
Their homes, their hearts, belong to this land.
This land of heroes prepared to stand, 
this land of diversity where all are welcome,
this land of hope of a better, fairer life
this land of vision of what we all may become,
This land that we call home
This Scotland.


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