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Writing into another year.

Well I never. It’s January the First day the year Two Thousand and Sixteen already! Doesn’t time fly? To anyone who is reading this, thank you and Happy New Year. The turn of the year is a time for reflection and also for looking forward and I have been looking back, over the Christmas period, with more than a little gratitude.

I was watching Christmas ‘Top Of The Pops’ 1979 and BA Robertson’s ‘Bang Bang’ is still stuck in my head as I write. 1979 was the year I returned to Glasgow to stay, the year I joined what was then the Post Office Telephones. “You’re in the GPO,” I was told by my new manager John Ross “You’ve got a job for life”. He was wrong, Britain changed and job security and workers’ rights became a thing of the past, but I have been employed for most of my life. I’m not employed now which is somewhat inconvenient, however I do enjoy having time to write.

1979 seems so long ago. I was over three stones lighter, had a ridiculous amount of energy and could drink ridiculous amounts of beer. Life was good. I am happy to say life is still good. I do seem to have picked up a few persistent aches over the years, but my body still carries me through life fairly ungrudgingly. I have survived several bouts of depression and learned to manage ‘Chronic Fatigue and Immuno Dysfunction Syndrome’. (Cor, what a mouthful!). I was diagnosed some years ago as having Asperger Syndrome, which explained a few things. However I am still here, alive and well.

Since 1979 Neelam and I have been together, we married and we’re still enjoying each other’s company. We have grandchildren, that’s fun. In a couple of days we’ll be taking my daughter and our grandchildren to see the new Star Wars film at Glasgow’s IMAX and then watching the skies above Tatooine in the Planetarium. We have had some great times since 1979 or since the first Star Wars in 1977. We have been to some amazing places and met wonderful people, we have learned a lot. We have much for which to be grateful, many memories.

This year we have decided to attend the NLP Conference in London which is something to which I am looking forward with anticipation. It was at an NLP Conference that I first met the writer L. Michael Hall. Some years ago he gave me his key advice on writing. Wherever he was and whatever he was doing, he told me, he wrote for at least half an hour every day. I have learned from experience how quickly inertia can set in when I stop writing for a period as I did over Christmas and so I have started this year at the typewriter…Okay not a typewriter, my new computer. I used to use a typewriter in 1979, life has moved on and I have something else for which to be grateful.

I ended 2015 with gratitude. I begin 2016 with gratitude and optimistic expectation. I’m not going to burden myself with New Year Resolutions, however I do have some intentions. Some years ago I posted a blog post every day of the year, I hope to do so again this year, but this time I’m not going to get stressed about it, if I miss a day I miss a day and the world will still turn. I am once again going to read the Bible right through as it gives me the edge over the Christian bigots I occasionally encounter and besides it provides food for thought every time I do it. Last year I did NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) for the second time and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) also for the second time. I thoroughly enjoyed them and so April and November are blocked into my diary as intensive writing months. I intend to soon do the research which will allow me to complete the story that I began in NaNoWriMo 2014 and this month after the December break I shall edit my work from NaNoWriMo 2015 (I hope it’s just a matter of rewriting the forward, we shall see).

In the meantime my hope for you is that this year will bring you plenty of cause for gratitude and inspire you to unbridled enthusiasm every day. And should you have a bad day remember the words of the Sufi wise men, “This too shall pass!”


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