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Today Lies Fallow
January 9, 2016, 20:13
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Today is lying fallow. It is an empty day in preparation for tomorrow. Today is a PJ day, a bed day, a nothing day. Sometimes it’s enough just to rest.

This morning I awoke between 01:00 and 02:00 having gone to bed around 23:30. So did my wife, but where she went back to sleep after a conversation, I remained awake. I think I finally slept sometime after 05:00 and woke before 10:00 every joint and muscle of my body aching.

I have learned to listen to my body and so I put all my projects on the back burner. I have done my reading, but I am pacing myself gently. When I was young I used to push through illness and keep working. Eventually my body rebelled and I was laid up for a year, six months of which I spent in bed. Now I pay attention to my body. This day of more or less complete rest should allow me to be productive tomorrow. It is frustrating to have to put my life on pause, however it is infinitely preferable to having it grind to a complete halt as before. Had I not ignored my health and well-being when I was young I might not now be spending today resting. Learn to listen to your body and its needs voluntarily before it forces you to pay attention.

I may have to rest today, but doing so means I have a tomorrow I can enjoy productively. As a wise man once said and I didn’t understand “All there is to do today is all there is to do today.” Regardless of whatever plans I might have had to reschedule, today is still a good day.


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