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Some Days
January 13, 2016, 19:20
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Some days are better than others. Yesterday was a good day, today not so great. However I refuse to have bad days. There are just some days when my body rebels, usually after a sleepless night.I don’t call them ‘bad days’, I tend not to call them good.

The not so good days tend to be non-days. When my body and mind refuse to cooperate and nothing gets done, is a non-day. Today feels like a non-day, but I got things done: I went to the bank, built a bird feeder, completed my scheduled reading. It still feels like a non-day.

Going to bed around midnight, being awake from half-past two and then another hour from between seven and nine leaves the body feeling drained, but I got things done, it is better than a non-day however much it feels like one. I started well, but then I stopped and stayed stopped, utterly stopped.

I fell asleep around midday and awoke exhausted, scarcely able to move and my head wrapped with the thorny crown of tinnitus. My eyes heavy, body too, unable to drag myself to do the things I thought that I should do. I’m making up the ‘should’, why should I? “All there is to do to day is what you get to do today.” It just doesn’t feel that way.

I may be drained, but I’m not unhappy. It doesn’t feel like a bad day. I suspect beneath its disguise it may have been a good day, it may still be. Sadly I felt in the end too tired to write a blog post today. I felt, however- the last I could do was explain why.


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