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Thirty Quid Behind The Bar.
January 13, 2016, 00:03
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I do not socialise as a rule, I don’t like places where the music is loud and the people too many. However I make an exception of Tuesday night’s. Tuesday is the night I attend a pub quiz.

Every Tuesday I can I go to the Admiral Bar, Waterloo Street in Glasgow for the quiz. This is as close as I get to a regular social event and it had a sense of community about it. Some of the regulars have been attending for a decade and are regular targets for the owner, Dave Ross’s humour. As he says, “Come for the atmosphere, stay for the abuse”. As well as providing an opportunity to win prizes the Admiral Quiz provides a couple of hours of free entertainment; free that is apart from the price of your food and drinks.

Next week I won’t be paying for my dinner because our team won a runner’s-up prize of a wee bar tab. We have on rare occasions won the cash jackpot, but not recently. Still it’s nice to have something to look forward to.

When I received my Aspergers diagnosis I was asked if I wanted information of social groups for people on the Autism Spectrum, to which my wife responded, “That’s Facebook isn’t it?” It wasn’t. However people on the Spectrum tend to like a good reason to mix with others, but don’t necessary want to attend special groups. So Meet-Up groups for particular interests are good and so are things like the Admiral Quiz, If the music weren’t as loud it would be perfect. One side effect of David Bowie leaving us meant today’s music was excellent, sometimes it’s a little modern for my taste, but I don’t go for the music.


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