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Take It Easy
January 17, 2016, 00:53
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I got up today. That is more of an accomplishment than you might think. Sometimes my body just grinds to a halt as I may have mentioned in earlier blogs. It ground to a halt this week.

When I crash I get anxious, I remember vividly being in bed four months and wondering if I was ever going to recover. Fortunately it taught me that that my body had limits. Some people never recover, I did. I stayed recovered because I recognised those limits.

When I got up today I had been asleep for between fifteen and eighteen hours straight. For a few days previously I had hardly been out of bed. Today I got a little of my to do list done, however when i got tired I rested. Even when I am unlikely to get out of bed I have a to do list — an aspirational to do list. I try to do something on my list everyday, even if it’s only to read a couple of chapters of a book. Werner Erhard says that “All there is to do today is what you get to do today”.

When I am having a rough patch I sometimes get anxious about the things I haven’t done, but then I step back and realise sometimes that ‘Nothing’ (nothing as something) is what I had to do. When you spend a year knocked out by Chronic Fatigue the way forward is to learn to celebrate and build on your accomplishments, accomplishments like brushing your teeth or getting washed and dressed. Anything ticked off the list means the day hasn’t been wasted, however the goal is to end the day ready and able to enjoy a better one tomorrow.

Today has been better than yesterday, tomorrow will be better still.


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