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I Was Young.
January 18, 2016, 00:06
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I was young and indestructible.
I walked alone on winter fells.
I ran unchecked down screes,
Mountainside moving,
Rocks bouncing by my ears.
Explored unknown caves,
My head protected by a wool hat.
No helmet nor helmet lamp,
Just a handheld torch.
I swam alone in rock pools
In the waters of the Wharfe.
I built dens from branches
And dammed the beck.
I tobogganed incautiously; oh
How much I loved the snow!
When did cold caution catch me?
Paralyzing vertigo in St. Paul’s.
Phoning home at journeys end
To tell them I was safe.
Holding the rail
To climb the stairs.
Worrying about my diet
And washing my hands again.
Questioning each ache and pain.
When did I become mortal
And time limited?
How did I learn that there
Would be an end?
When did it become sooner
Instead of later or never?
Time rushes by me, but
I have no where to go.
Yet somethings are unchanging,
But now ‘though I still love it,
Incautiously I no longer go
Unthinking out into the snow.


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