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I Went Out Today.
January 19, 2016, 22:32
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I have often been told when reluctant to do something that I should try it anyway, I might enjoy it. I must admit this has frequently been true, rarely more than tonight. Having spent days in my pyjamas not leaving the house, today I went out.

I didn’t want to go. I was, and indeed, am tired. I fell asleep in my chair this afternoon and woke up groggy. I felt not like going out, but I had said I would go to the quiz in the Admiral and having said I would, I went.

I had decided I didn’t care about winning, I was too tired to care, I was going to take a ‘Steph’ attitude and just have a good time and a laugh. To be honest I doubted if my brain would wake up enough to be of any value. Being so relaxed seems to have helped, rather than hindered, me. I didn’t care whether we won or not and we did. Very much a team effort, but largely effortless, apart from the sum involving Snooker balls and dartboards. We didn’t win the jackpot, we didn’t fret about it, we had fun and we won. The real prize wasn’t getting next Tuesday’s dinner paid for, it was the enjoyment, winning was just a bonus. There are those who go to win, some people are competitive, good luck to them. The world needs competitive people, personally I’d rather relax and have fun. Now I want to sleep.


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