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Happy Families

This is not the post I planned to post today, however the joy of having a blog is being free to write what I like. Today I am liking my family. My younger brother and his wife choose to visit Glasgow for his birthday and we spent more time together than we have in over a decade and I had fun.

It wasn’t a particularly unusual day. We visited the Macintosh House at the Hunterian Gallery then had lunch at the Bukhara where we were joined by my wife and daughter and my dau itghter’s partner. Later my grandchildren arrived to share cake. Not an unusual day except that I got to spend time with people who matter, but I rarely see. Apart from photographing the cake it was a meal where people talked and the phones remained out of sight. I had fun.

It was the first time Jeremy had met his great nieces and he brought them presents — actually he brought presents for everyone. The girls loved the presents, the art set was a huge success and they started using it there and then in the restaurant. A great choice on his part, well received.

We had a relaxed family evening together and it was good. We just spent time sitting, talking, playing with the kids. I had fun. We didn’t really do very much and it was enough. Sometimes we forget to value our families, I am glad for today. I had fun.

Some people see retirement as an end, some feel their usefulness is ending, they are wrong. Retirement is not an end it’s a beginning. It’s a beginning of having time for what really matters and few things matter as much as family. Today was a family day, my family and I had fun.


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