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Happy St. Valentine’s Day


You may not be aware of it, but today is Valentine’s Day. “Oh no,” you may protest, “St. Valentine’s day is not until the fourteenth of February. You are a week early!”

To which I respond, “I love my wife every day. Why should I wait a week to celebrate that? Why should not everyday be Valentines Day?” Most of our celebrations are ridiculous when you think about it. Yes it is a good idea to commemorate and celebrate events and people, but why do we tie ourselves to the tyranny of the calendar. I don’t wait to All Souls Day to remember my dead loved ones, why should I confine love to one day in February. I personally see little reason to celebrate birthdays, I may be a year older, so what? Surely it is best to celebrate everyday?

Anyway I am wandering off my point. Today my wife was feeling unappreciated by people who should know better than to take her for granted. I am probably the only person who is aware of how much she does or that she has not had a day to herself since the First of January and it annoys me when people fail to appreciate her. I could see she was unhappy so I decided to give her my Valentine’s gift a week early. I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day because, as I have said, I love her everyday. However this year I had bought her a present.

I went to Hamley’s to buy some model paints and as I walked past the toy farm animals, zoo animals and knights on horseback, I saw a unicorn. Neelam loves unicorns so I decided to buy it.

As the girl behind the counter rang up my purchases she asked me, “Who are these for?” I suspect she thought I was on Grandpa duty.

I replied, “The paints are for me and the Unicorn is for my wife.”

The girl smiled and said, “You can never grow out of unicorns.”

“She won’t.” Said I. “And why should she? There’s little enough magic in this world.” I added.

As I walked away I heard her saying to her colleague, “That was lovely…” I like to think she was referring to our conversation and that the old fellow taking magic home to his wife perhaps left a little magic in her day too. In fact the real problem is not that there’s too little magic in the world, but that we don’t notice it. The magic that opens our eyes to magic is love, and when we open our eyes the magic we see is love.

Happy St. Valentines Day….whenever you choose to celebrate it!



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