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Here’s One I Prepared Earlier.


There are obstacles to my challenge of posting to my blog every day of this calendar year. The obvious one is finding something to write about everyday. The moment I decided to make that today’s subject I realised I was talking garbage. People who write a tightly specialist blog may sometimes be faced with a lack of subject matter, but I have no such restriction. Sometimes when writing fiction I find myself staring glumly at a blank screen, but in my blog I write about whatever I choose.

Sometimes I do find my writing time is limited. However my commitment is to post everyday, not necessarily to write a blog post everyday. I have found that some days when I have the time and inspiration I can write more than one post which means that I can save a few for emergencies. Generally I like to write one a day, but last time I did the one a day challenge I sometimes found myself in the car frantically trying to complete a blog on my phone as midnight approached. I learned that year to love the WordPress app.

One of my challenges for this year is to read the complete Bible. My sheer disgust at some parts, anger at others, and despair at some of the things I find in it are an unfortunate source of ideas. Although, I must admit, there are moments of positive inspiration. I try to read a non-fiction book every week which again stimulates ideas. The advantage of basing fiction on non-fiction is that you can’t be accused of stealing someone else’s plot…unless it’s a non-fiction book of questionable non-fictionality (the sort of thing that features Cathars, secret societies and plots about the crucifixion).

Writers who comment on the news have merely to turn on the television or radio for inspiration. Perhaps a visit to Google for additional material and their problems are solved. Without the internet there would be no blogging, in more ways than one. I know I am sitting here typing, surrounded by thousands of books, around two thousand in this room alone, but it is the immediate access to information on the internet that really facilitates blogging. I find I will first use Google to confirm my sources rather than spend time hunting for a book. The only problem with internet sources like Wikipedia is that occasionally they can be inaccurate, particularly if nobbled by an editor of ill-intent, so I still like my books. Even if focused on one field the internet allows a writer to trawl for inspiration, just type a single word like ‘controversial’ into Google and you will get ideas, you’d be amazed at how many entries there are under ‘controversial fancy dress’! Add another word to your and still more possibilities appear.

A traditional starting point for the traditionally stuck is the writing prompt. You can find them in books and writing magazines and again on the internet. Researching just now I found plenty including writingexercises.co.uk which has a random first line generator a good way to spark off an idea ‘The horse came back alone….’ For fun www.seventhsanctum.com produces some prompts which are utterly surreal, it is worth reading the comments beneath the prompts to enjoy people’s reactions to them. I think, personally, I’d stick with Writing Exercises who have a nice selection of random generators for anything from Titles (How about ‘The Ancient Stool’ or ‘The Crazy Diamonds’?) to Jobs, Chatacter Traits, Dialogue, First Lines etc. You might not use them, but that’s not necessarily the point, they may just shake you out of your rut and get you past your block. They also have several mobile phone apps on Google Play, but as I haven’t tried their apps I shall forbear from comment. Perhaps if I’m stuck for ideas later in the year, I shall in desperation down load them and write….a review.


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