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Don’t Let Your Daughter Date A Muslim


So another paedophile ring has been sentenced in Sheffield. The ring which operated in Rotherham was operated by Pakistani Muslims, possibly with some connivance from police officers. There has been much made of the fact that this is another abuse by Muslims, hardly any time ago the news was full of reports of rapes by asylum seekers in Europe, attacks by Muslim terrorists in Paris, torture and rape by Daesh. Muslim, Muslim, Muslim. I agree that child sexual abuse is a terrible thing, however it is not a Muslim thing any more or less than it belongs to any other culture. It is true that there have been several convictions of Muslim men for sexual crimes, that is reprehensible, but compared with the 2,660,116 Muslims in England it is a very small proportion.

Any case of child abuse is a case too many and must be condemned. However it would be wrong to condemn a whole community or religion because it contains some deviants. Are we going to condemn the whole BBC because some of its employees have been found to be paedophiles? I wonder what proportion of BBC staff are abusers compared to the percentage of Pakistani abusers?

Perhaps we should look at the number of child abusers in the Church, primarily the Catholic Church, but is any denomination free of offence? What about the abuse of young women in India and the deliberate use of rape and violence to establish caste dominance? Some people may remember in 2008 Save the Children highlighted paedophilia by UN Peacekeepers and Aid Workers in the Caribbean.

Rather than focussing on any one set of abuses and using it to whip up resentment against a whole community we should be looking at the offence itself and asking, Why?

Why do we allow our children to be abused?

Why do we allow the rich and powerful to cover up scandals?

Why are we in a position where South Yorkshire Police are being investigated for their failure to prevent abuse and trafficking?

Why does the Church feel it better to move its abusive priests from parish to parish rather than turn them into the police?

We should be asking, What is wrong with us and with our society? Why are our children not safe?

If we want our children to grow up whole and healthy, then we need to ask questions, regardless of how painful the answers are and take action. Not stupid vigilantism, we need to cut out the roots from which the abuse grows even if that means exposing all sorts of ugly truths about our institutions and our heroes.

I don’t pretend to have answers. I noticed today a news item about the failure to have women journalists adequately represented at this years Press Awards, another about dishonest electoral expenses returns in several contests in Southern England. I am inclined to think our problems go far beyond paedophilia and that our society itself may be fundamentally corrupt. What can we do about it? I don’t know, but we won’t find out by closing our eyes.


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