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I Smell Spring

Friary Garden, Alnmouth

Today it felt as if Spring was finally on its way. We have had a couple of bright sunny days in a row. In fact the meteorological spring began on the first of March, but I think most people consider Spring as beginning at the Equinox on the twentieth of March. I don’t mark the seasons by any particular date, but by feeling and today feels like spring.

wpid-2013-05-07_17-51-47_HDR.jpgIt isn’t easy to explain my seasons. I think there are several factors of which I’m aware and they do not relate to any date or calendar. The lengthening days are a big part of it. I miss the light so much in winter that arriving home in daylight after 18:00 ways lifts my spirits. It was only a few weeks ago that the night began around 15:00, now the long summer nights are accelerating towards us, I can feel them coming and it makes me feel good. I should have been a bear so that I could hibernate all winter, instead my body and mind just go into a slowdown for three months. Last year I felt like hibernating early, days of unremitting greyness will do that. Last summer was so wet that my rhubarb rotted in the ground. I spent my childhood in Yorkshire it never occurred to me that rhubarb could react like that, I thought rhubarb loved the rain, but I suppose we all have our limits.


Winter Trees

If this weather continues I may soon be able to walk on my lawn without sinking. I am very hopeful as I can see my spring bulbs showing. The snowdrops are in flower and the heads of the daffodils are beginning to swell. My hedge which I have not yet got around to cutting is developing leaf buds as are my roses. I must get the secateurs and loppers out soon. The strange thing is that despite the strange weather last year I still had roses on my bushes into December. This year I don’t think I’ll open Mr. Titmarsh’s guide to the gardening year as it assumes the seasons appear in proper sequence and I’m no longer sure they do, certainly not on schedule. I know Spring is coming because I look at my garden and start feeling uncomfortable at all there is to do. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll make a start.

There is a change in the air when Spring is coming, I can smell it just as I can smell the onset of autumn, sometimes before the leaves show any inclination to change colour. Soon It will be time to give some thought to my summer baskets, my fuchsias seem to have survived the winter this time, I’m glad I put them in the cold frame. I think what really tells me Spring is here is a sense of aliveness that disappears in winter, my optimism which has been semi-dormant all winter is awakening again. I can get out and walk and feel the energy in my body returning with the fresh air and daylight.


Summer Lillies

Some people like to plan their new year in mid winter around the Equinox. So do I, but I don’t start feeling my plans as real until I feel the Spring shedding its light on them. They are like seeds sown in the dark of winter they have been asleep but now I feel them germinating. We may be two months into the new year, but only now do I feel renewed. There are things I want to do and now there are no more ‘buts’, it’s time for action.


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