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In Defence of Zionism.
March 9, 2016, 23:00
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In Defence of Zionism.

I know that the response to that title from most of my friends will be that Zionism is indefensible and I would agree, however nothing is ever that simple. In the first place I think we should remember that the majority of Israelis just want to lead a normal life and be left in peace. The problem with their situation is that their country is surrounded by Muslim nations perceived, nit without reason, to be hostile to the continued existence of Israel. When the people of a country live in fear it is easy easy to manipulate that fear to have them support all sorts of injustice in the interests of self preservation.

Everyone wants a place where they belong. For the Jews that would appear to be Israel. The Bible promises the land of Israel to the Children of Israel and the ‘Promised Land’ is an ideal. Unfortunately it is an ideal that never seems to have matched up to reality. For all God’s promise the Jews never really got to enjoy the land and most of the history of Israel has been of being overrun by one invading army or another. Many Jews were forced from their homes, by the various empires that subjugated them, but it was not until the advent of Islam that the Jewish remnant in Israel of Palestine as it became under the Romans became largely Muslim. I suppose that had the rest of the world been less inhospitable towards the Jews and more tolerant of other religions and races there might have been less of an impulse for the Jews to reclaim Israel for their home. Whatever the wrongs and rights of the terrorist campaign they used to take Israel from the British, and one might ask what right they had to have any say over the Middle East, I find it hard to blame anyone for wanting to have their own land and to live in it without interference.

However it came about the State of Israel is a fact and I believe it wrong to challenge its right to exist. However we have international law and I cant help but feel that were Israel and her neighbours to accept the guidance of the United Nations it might be possible to reach a solution to the Israel/ Palestine problem that could benefit both the displaced Palestinians and the Israelis. Personally I think it’s time Israel’s Arab neighbours accepted the existence of Israel and set about negotiating an accommodation that supported the region as a whole.

At the moment Israel has largely to observe the conflict around her between different Muslim governments and Daesh. It would be fatal for Israel to become involved uninvited, however her people must be aware that eventually Daesh will turn on them when it consolidates control of her neighbours. Israel has nuclear weapons and is bordered on three sides by Muslim neighbours and nowhere to which to retreat. If her neighbours fall to Daesh we are staring at an impending Armageddon. Were her neighbours a little less intransigent and Israel likewise it would be possible to open up and supply a broad front against Daesh.

Of course I am a mere observer and the Middle East is in a horribly complicated mess upon which I have no right to comment. No right that is except for a concern for humanity and its continued survival. Surely it is better to make compromises and live in peace than to be stubborn and ultimately bring about your own destruction? If we look at the contributions of the semitic races Jews and Arabs to the philosophy, science and arts of the world it seems inconceivable that they lack the wit to negotiate a settlement of the Middle East that benefits everyone. I won’t condemn the Zionists, nor Hamas and the other players in the region because they are all condemned by fear to act as they do, but I do hope that someone finds the courage to break out of the constraints of fear and prejudice and show the possibility of a new approach.


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