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Madness of Matrix Energetics

Beyond Belief

Today a short blog, a strange blog, at least I think it a little strange. I try to keep an open mind on most things. My position on homoeopathy for instance is that I don’t believe in it, however I will use several homoeopathic remedies, but only because they work for me.

I had a strange experience this week. I have been taking pain killers for some time to treat a painful sciatic problem in my lower back and right hip, a few weeks ago I fell and sprained my left ankle and bruised my right hip. For the past few weeks I have been in some discomfort. On Monday I watched a DVD called The Matrix Energetics Experience. The DVD is an interview with Richard Bartlett, the originator of Matrix Energetics, interspersed with clips of him interacting with students in a Matrix Energetics Seminar. He talked a lot and referred a lot to Quantum Physics, he is not a physicist. On the seminar extracts he was demonstrating his ‘Two Point’ technique and some other things. It was not an interactive DVD merely an interview and demonstration. After the DVD I got up and set about some housework and made myself a cup of tea. It was some time before it occurred to me that I was not in pain. My knee had cracked during the DVD, but that is not really out of the usual, except that it had not been able to release since my fall otherwise I was not aware of anything happening. Now I have no more aches than I would normally and I am not going to complain.

It is funny how the mind works I keep moving around, testing my back, hip and knee. It is almost as if my beliefs are offended by a shift from merely watching a film. I referred recently to research at the universities McGill, Harvard and Colorado that suggest that placebos are becoming more effective in drug trials despite having no active ingredients. Perhaps our illnesses, aches and pains are created by our own minds and equally our own minds can create health and well-being. Sometimes we just have to forget what we know and allow our mind to accept things that make no logical sense. Just because I don’t understand something doesn’t mean it can’t work, someday my understanding or science will catch up with my experience. Until them I’ll just have to revel in the realisation that the universe will act in ways that I cannot fit into any of the beliefs I have learned over the years. It’s kind of fun!


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