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The Babysitter: a story of magic.
March 10, 2016, 19:23
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wpid-Pookie-n-squashy.jpg“Why do people grow old Grandpa?”

“Because they lose their magic, Sophie.”

“I don’t think I understand.” Said Sophie, watching the shiny Two Pound coin spinning on her grandfather’s hand. He laid it on the knee of his tweed trousers and covered it with his hand.

“Ah, who does understand magic?” Grandpa smiled. He lifted his hand and the coin was gone.

Sophie’s eye opened wide. Grandpa lifted his big brown boot with its shiny toecap and there beneath it lay the coin. He picked up the coin and then closed his big fist around it. Sophie watched entranced. Grandpa opened his hand…empty, the coin was gone again! Sophie gave a little gasp.

“Where is it?” She breathed.

Grandpa reached forward and retrieved the coin from behind the little girl’s ear and she squealed with delight.

“Oh Grandpa, you’ll never grow old because you’ve got magic!”

The old man smiled. “I won’t grow old because you’ve got magic, Sophie.” He said.

“But you’ve got magic!” Sophie objected.

“Prestidigitation.” He laughed, “It’s you who has the real magic!”

“Presti…prestitation? I don’t get it? What do you mean I have magic?”

“The real magic is in your eyes and in the wonder with which they see the world.” Replied Grandpa. “As long as you have the wonder, you’ll never grow old.”

“Where is the wonder?” Asked Sophie, a little confused.

“It’s in your eyes.” Said Grandpa. “It’s in the sunset and the snowflake, Christmas morning, your little grey kitten, Disney films, ‘The Tiger Who came to Tea’ and ‘Meg and Mog’ or, for me, ‘Winnie The Pooh’ and ‘Peter Pan’.”

“Is it like happiness?” Asked the girl.

“It is joy.” Answered Grandpa “Joy is happiness filled with love and I have a name for joy.” He said.

What’s that?” Asked Sophie.wpid-Fetching-the-Milk.jpg

“Sophie!” Laughed Grandpa. “And that’s your Mammy home, be a good girl and let her in.”

Sophie ran into the hall and Grandpa reclined his chair, closed his eyes, smiled and by the time his daughter had her coat off he was snoring softly. His daughter smiled too.


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