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All Power To The Glasgow Soviet


James Connolly said that many socialists would not understand why he participated in the Easter Rising of 1916, “they forget I’m Irish”. He believed like Lenin, Luxembourg, and Castro that however desirable the international socialist revolution may be, it had to start somewhere. Connolly had no illusions about the politics of many Irish nationalists, but he saw the Rising as an opportunity to advance the cause of Irish Socialism.

Here in Scotland as we head into the May election there will be an increasing amount of sniping between the SNP and Labour Parties. Each will continue to attack the others socialist credentials and commitment to the Scottish working class. I think we should be clear that neither is a socialist party, but both contain many socialists. The truth is that monarchy is incompatible with socialism and anyone who accepts the continued existence of the monarchy has no right to claim to be a socialist. When faced with the opportunity to make sweeping social reforms both parties have instead bowed to business and industry pressure to err on the side of conservatism and the status quo.

I like many people am disappointed by the excessive caution of the SNP government’s land reforms. I would like to see a Scottish government standing strong against Westminster, but the SNP has obviously felt the need to prove to critics that they can govern responsibly. Unfortunately the image of responsible government to which they conform has been set by the London political/business establishment and their news media.

I hope that another massive demonstration of support for the SNP in May will give them the courage to adopt a more radical stance. As long as they bend the knee to the Queen and seek the approval of business they will increasingly lose support. I hope Scotland gives them the encouragement to take radical action and I hope they will realise the time has come to take it. It is not time for moderation and faintheartedness it is time for a Scottish Socialist Republic and it is time for the SNP to deliver it. I am going to give them the opportunity to deliver I am casting Both Votes SNP.


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