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Planned Reading this Year.
March 21, 2016, 00:59
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wpid-20130829_231551_1.jpgToday I finished reading again ‘The Hero With a Thousand Faces’ by Joseph Campbell and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some weeks I read a book, some weeks two, I read ‘The Hero…’ over two. One of my Facebook friends, (I cannot at the moment remember which one, but one of the personal development and internet marketing crowd) has set himself a target of a book a day for the year. However my purpose is to enjoy my reading and so ‘Speed Reading and ‘Photo Reading’ is off my schedule.

I realised last year that I was reading less and fewer books than I used to and I thought it time to remedy that deficiency. Were I only reading to acquire information I might have increased my target in terms of numbers and used Photo Reading Techniques. Unfortunately while Photo Reading is a useful tool for getting information quickly it affords no appreciation of the voice of the writer. I say ‘voice’ because as I read ‘The Hero…’ I became very aware of how, as I read, I could hear Campbell speaking the words. My reading plan for the year intersperses non-fiction with fiction and there are times when good writing can only be enjoyed at a slow enough pace to appreciate the nuances in phrasing, analogy and grammar of the author. The information a book contains is only a part of the lessons it contains. Only a fool speed reads poetry. I must confess that I do speed read some of my daily Bible passages, because long lists of the heads of the families of the Children of Israel or detailed instructions about constructing the Tent of God’s Presence or rules on offering sacrifices are of little interest, however I still read them carefully enough to catch the good bits sandwiched in between.wpid-20130829_231523_1.jpg

I plan my reading on the basis that even on a reasonably full day thirty pages is a reasonable quantity to complete. I divide the number of pages of every book on my (fairly flexible) list by thirty which tells me approximately how many days it will take to complete and then allot it either one or two weeks. If I have spare days in a week I like to try and fit in another, shorter book, or else begin another. The advantage of setting myself reading targets is that it helps me prioritise my other activities. I find I am considerably more selective in my television and film viewing and rarely read magazines and then only if they have something I really want to read. At the moment I am ahead on the game, but I really must add more fiction to the mix. I may be ahead at the moment, what is worrying me is that when I divide the number of books I still want to read by the number of years more I can realistically expect to live I doubt if I’ll finish before I’m a hundred and fifty!



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