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March 23, 2016, 00:02
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Sunday is a special time for me. My Sunday starts  slowly. Not for me the heady excitement of Andrew Marr no matter how acute the current political crisis, Sunday belongs to BBC Radio Four.

Sunday is a day for getting up very late after a morning and early afternoon listening to the very best of talk radio.
I avoid ‘TheArchers’, but usually manage to turn on the radio just in time to catch the Archers’ closing theme before Desert Island Discs. Although the show has continued for so many years, since Roy Plomley created it, with its format unchanged it remains fresh because it remains contemporary and relevant while it’s archives are historical documents in their own right. Desert Island Discs tells the history of the world from the middle of the last century through the lives and tastes of the people who have shaped our own lives.

The next slot is inevitably filled with comedy. Radio Four has, over many years, perfected the comedy panel show, long before television adopted the format and Radio Four has given birth to some classics that have entertained for decades. I always say that ‘Just A Minute’ is sufficient to justify my licence fee. Still hosted since the stone age by Nicholas Parsons it showcases some of the sharpest minds in comedy speaking on random subjects for a minute without repetition, hesitation or deviation. Over the years I have enjoyed listening to people like the great Kenneth Williams and Sir Clement Freud, both sadly long dead, but the quality has not dimmed and the current pool of panelists include Paul Merton, Giles Brandreth, Julian Clary, and Pam Ayres among others, I suspect the pool may not be large because. of the intellectual demands on the panelists.

At other times of the year we get classics like ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ with the legendary Barry Cryer, the Goodies Tim Brook Taylor and Graeme Garden and chaired by Jack Dee who managed to fill the huge gap left by Humphrey Littleton, and filled it successfully. I should mention that as well as the best classic comedy panel shows they generate new ones like ‘The Unbelievable Truth’ which I suppose is gradually acquiring classic status.

Now the day starts to become more serious with ‘The Food Program’ which has for many years sought to inform the audience on all aspects of food and drink. There are plenty of cookery programmes, Food and Drink is different. It looks at the whole subject of food, cooking and consumption is but a small part of the whole. It covers ethical issues in food production, economics, innovation, changing trends, the nature and qualities of ingredients. It can do a whole program on something like coffee (can’t we all!)or craft bakeries, often subjects that would not occur to the ordinary listener.

My morning would finish with ‘Weekend World’ which always tells me what I missed on Andrew Marr, were it not for another classic ‘Gardener’s Question Time’. I suspect that my real reason for being a Sunday morning Radio listener is that it provides a sense of continuity in my life. I am still listening to the programmes of my childhood albeit with a few changes in personnel. Some people go to church on Sunday and some to B and Q, but my weekly visit to Sunday Radio Four is where I unwind from the past week and recharge my batteries for the next.


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