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Small Portions
March 25, 2016, 20:56
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The Commodore Inn

When I was younger I used to laugh at my mother’s complaints about her diminished appetite and her inability to finish off a plateful of food. I used to laugh, but no more now I find myself with the same problem. Yesterday was a case in point, faced with an attractive menu instead of going for three courses, I had to choose between a starter and a main course or a main course and a dessert. At least that’s what I planned. However by the time I was halfway through my Beer-battered Halloumi and chips I knew I was unlikely to be able to manage a dessert as well. In fact I was unable to clear my plate.

The unfortunate thing about my lack of appetite is that it doesn’t translate into a loss of weight, it’s so unfair! I suppose on the positive side meals in restaurants are cheaper. The problem is that I want to enjoy all the courses of the meal, I’m particularly upset when I can’t manage dessert, so much so that I’m seriously considering eating my meals backwards.

I am sure I am not the only person with a small appetite or rather, an appetite unmatched by my capacity. If restaurants are able to provide smaller portions for children why not for people with smaller appetites? The benefit to the customer would be the ability to enjoy a full meal at the same time as their companions. It would also remove the embarrassment of not being able to fully participate in the meal. For the restaurant it would not only generate a bigger income, but also cut wastage. It would also remove the need for a separate menu for children each item just needs two prices one for each size of portion. As anyone who has seen my Trip Advisor knows I love to eat in restaurants, smaller portions would enable me to give more plaudits to more dishes. Please restaurateurs, be more flexible in your portion sizes.


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