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Spring Break
March 26, 2016, 23:16
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I have already praised the Commodore Inn in Helensburgh. What I didn’t mention was that we only encountered the Commodore because we were staying in the Travelodge and couldn’t find the energy to go searching for restaurants.

We weren’t on holiday, but I suppose it was a sort of Spring Break. Neelam and I had had from the turn of the year a protracted period of ill health, nothing serious just a series of niggling little inconveniences that had dragged down our spirits. We needed to do something out of the doldrums and back on kOo purpose. As an insomniac I sometimes find that rather than lie sleepless in bed, getting up and doing something else for a while helps me go to sleep. I think this break was something similar.

We only went away for one night and stayed in the Travelodge Helensburgh Seafront. The connection to the Commodore lifted the stay to something a little more special than a usual Travelodge overnighter. However the Travelodge itself was a bit special, the room looked out over the Forth of Clyde towards Gourock. After an indulgent dinner, the next morning we awoke to the uplifting sight of the spring sun reflected on the waves. There are few things better guaranteed to lift the spirits than the scent of sea air and the sight and sound of waves falling onto the beach. After leaving our room we went out and allowed the seaside to do its work.


Although Helensborough is little more than twenty miles from home it is so different from the city that even one day supplied us with the break we needed. After a bracing walk along the esplanade we allowed the gentle pace of the little town to sooth our battered spirits. It is a friendly place and welcoming and we returned home refreshed and happy. The interesting thing for me was that just one night in the right place is as good as a week in most places.



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