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We Are One

There is a saying that when you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person. People differentiate between disabilities, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, visible and invisible disabilities. However in the eyes of the Conservative government all people with disabilities are legitimate targets for exploitation. They try too to divide other oppressed groups whether economic or racial and turn them together. The disabled, the refugee, the victim of abuse, the woman and the worker, we have only one enemy the establishment and its representatives in parliament.


We are one, we who you reject.
They say that when you have met one
Autist you’ve met just one person,
But a person, not a defect.
Your fear and the walls you erect
Hurt us, but we are not alone.
All the disabled, we are one,
We’re the stone you builders reject.

One, the disabled and the poor,
The black and workers you eject
From your councils, we demand more.
We have a right to your respect,
We are human, you can’t ignore
Us anymore. We vote, we elect!


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