Springingtiger's Blog

From Mars

A little bit of far future whimsy sired by twentieth century science fiction. Perhaps a twenty second century Wilberforce was moved to write…

From the colonies of Mars the
Settlers spread out for and wide, they
Spread across the Milky Way then,
Caught up by curiosity,
Or in some cases naked greed,
They ventured further into space.
Spreading their seed where they should not,
In places wherein humanity
Reverted to its basest type.
There is no perfume that can wipe
Away the cruel insanity
Of those whose values were forgot
In the conquest of every race.
Martian blood is green, yet they bleed
And feel pain just like you and me.
So much the conquered bear, but when
They can’t take more someone will pay
And deserved will man’s end be.


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