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Today was a day off, a day for ‘stoatin aboot Embra’ in the sunshine. I’d come down the Cowgate and was swithering whether to go up Arthur’s Seat when I noticed the Caravans and tents, more importantly the flags. Flags of Scotland, Catalonia, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, but above all, the YES Campaign.

I just had to drop in and chat and was made welcome with a cup of coffee. One of the campers told me how after the disappointment of the referendum a group of people started a vigil outside the Scottish Parliament, determined to keep the vision of a free and Independent Scotland alive. They set up camp and intend to remain there until Independence.

Unfortunately the establishment want rid of the camp and have taken legal action against them.  Personally I believe the land belongs to the people of the land. I am sure that a peaceful demonstration in support of independence is infinitely preferable to more aggressive action. I do know that the camp is clean and tidy, the campers are friendly and welcoming. The campers are committed. It doesn’t matter if the authorities manage to close this camp they won’t end the vigil. I don’t know how, but the vigil will continue until Scotland is free. I suspect that any camp they remove will be replaced. What the authorities fail to understand is that removing the camp may cause more to rise. There is already talk of a second Indycamp Live in Glasgow’s Freedom Square, forcing the Hollyrood Indycamp Live to move may well see camps spring up in other cities.



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