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Oh, oh, ow.
May 11, 2016, 23:53
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It has been a heavy day. I took advantage of the glorious weather to finally clear a patio and kill the weeds. Of course nothing is quite that simple, it never is. My patio was covered with troughs and pots which in last year’s wet summer had not been attended to as assiduously as the should have been. The task of clearing was complicated by the need to remove the pots from the patio and the weeds from the pots. It proved worse than I thought and so the pot clearing turned into a bulb rescue mission that entailed repotting the contents of most of them.

As well as the gardening there were the usual household tasks of cooking, clearing and cleaning, taking things to the recycling centre. Some things I wanted to do didn’t get done because of the added complications in what I did do.

If there is a lesson to be learned from today I think it is to allocate more time to any task than you expect. If you finish within schedule great, you can relax or reallocate the remaining time. It is almost guaranteed that a tight schedule will be accompanied by unforseen complications and delays. I am proceeding with manageable chunks of effort in realistically scheduled time frames. So why am I writing my blog so late at night? I may not have got my timing quite right yet!


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