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May 15, 2016, 22:09
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Many years ago when I was a student in Glasgow I was going out with a student in St. Andrews University, my first serious girlfriend. It was a seventy something mile bus journey and not very convenient, but I made the journey several weekends a term. Eventually a weekend came when she told me it was over.

I don’t process emotions very well nor have I ever really mastered relationships and so my response was to go to the pub and drink super lagers until my money ran out. I did not have much money with me and so was not as drunk as I would have liked or needed to anaesthetise my pain.

I returned to my friends’ flat above the Salutation Bar in Anstruther where Maluc saw my distress. He asked my what had happened and through my tears I told him. He first took me for a brisk walk along the shore and then filled me with Ouzo. I eventually passed out on the sofa bed in the sitting room.

The next morning Maluc came in and opened the heavy wooden shutters. My head was thumping. He turned on the record player and played ‘Morning’ from Grieg’s Peer Gynt and put a cup of coffee beside me. Outside the window I could see and hear the gulls circling in the blue morning sky and as I drank my coffee, despite the pounding in my head, somehow I knew that things were going to be okay. They were.

This morning as I listened to Desert Island Discs they played ‘Morning’ and I knew that everything is going to be okay. Whenever I hear ‘Morning’ I know everything is okay.


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I need something to let me know that everything is going to be ok.

Comment by Robert Frost

Ultimately the only thing that can let you know that everything is going to be okay is your own heart and the love it holds.

Comment by springingtiger

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