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The Victims of Historical Child Abuse

Even now with all the furore around historic child abuse and celebrity abusers most of the victims of Historical Child Abuse remain unknown and that is as it should be, bad enough what they’ve been through without reliving it in the glare of media scrutiny and prurient public curiosity. It may well be true that some victims have fared better than others and gone on to lead happy and successful lives, but others haven’t and regardless of outcome no child should ever be abused or exploited by any adult.

The less obvious victims of historic child abuse by celebrities were not on the receiving end of the actual abuse. Millions of people have had the foundations of their childhood illusions swept away by the revelations that the childhood heroes who defined their world were horribly flawed. I haven’t met anyone who was entirely surprised by Stewart Hall, but some were savagely upset by Gary Glitter. For me the most savage blow was Rolf Harris’s conviction, even now I find it hard to come to terms with. We’re he not such a lovely, considerate man and such a prodigious talent it might have been easier, but he had been a positive part of all our lives for as long as some of us could remember. There is not excuse for child abuse and it is no mitigation of the crimes of Rolf and others to point out that they were not as bad as Jimmy Saville which brings me on the the third group of unrecognised victims of historic child abuse.

We all suffer. When Saville was exposed we came to see that British society was itself corrupted and his exposure exposed the ‘establishment’ for the manipulative and exploitative entity it is.

The Saville case showed how willing the BBC and the Conservatives were to actively cover up the crimes of child abusers within their ranks. But it was not only the Tories, Cyril Smith and Greville Janner demonstrated that the perversion crossed party lines and polluted the whole Westminster establishment. A massive cover up and destruction of evidence coupled with virulent attacks by the right wing press against anyone who had the temerity to investigate the ‘great and the good’ seem to have ensured that the complicity of politicians, police and press in the abuse of vulnerable children will escape further exposure.

What the whole historic abuse stooshie has made clear is that the ordinary British people cannot trust the institutions whose role it is to shore up British society. In recent months we have finally been allowed to see the same mechanisms at play in the cover up of the police role in the Hillsborough disaster.

The disgusting behaviour of police and security service undercover agents has been exposed with no show of remorse by those services or the politicians who run them.

On top of allegations about the rigging of the postal vote by the Better Together campaign we have further evidence of the dishonesty of the electoral system with Channel Four’s exposure of deliberate electoral fraud by the Conservative Party. Sadly while the Labour party should be able to capitalise on this, a large section of the parliamentary party has been exposed as determined to ignore their own party’s democratic decisions and instead undermine their leader. So virulently opposed to democracy are they that John Mann set out to sabotage Labour’s electoral campaign this spring and he caused very real damage.

Of course the dishonesty of the Westminster establishment comes as no surprise here in Scotland where we have come to expect duplicity and broken vows from the English parliament. Now we wait for an investigation of police and political actions during the Miner’s Strike…historical political abuse like the refusal to act on the Blacklists. As for the long awaited  Chilcot Enquiry report, no one up here anticipates it will be anything but another whitewash. If the peoples of these Isles had sense they’d not be paying for the restoration of the Houses of Parliament, they’d be tearing them down around the ears of the politicians still inside.


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