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Does a Steam Powered Giraffe Have a Brass Neck?


In the last forty some years I have never visited my younger brother on my own. That’s not a surprise I rarely travel without my wife except for study purposes or sometimes on retreat. We are not estranged, it’s just that our paths rarely cross. We have our own lives in different countries and generally have little reason to see each other. As most people know by now I tend not to do the whole family and friends thing that humans do. I don’t think I love any the less, I just don’t see the need to express it and as long as someone is not brought to the focus of my attention they tend not to impinge upon my consciousness. It always comes as a surprise when I encounter someone with grey hair who was young and dark haired when I last saw them, I have little awareness of the passage of time or as my wife says of me, I have the biggest ‘Now’ of anyone she knows. I haven’t been avoiding Jeremy, I’ve just been letting time slip away instead of acting on my intention to keep in touch more. I think I probably use Facebook as a substitute for the telephone…I don’t like telephones much.

I have been posting quite a few things on Facebook related to Steampunk, even more since I became ‘Chief Engineer’ (Secretary) of The Glasgow Ubiquitous E Steampunk Society. I was pleasantly surprised when Jeremy tagged me into a link to The Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln with an invitation to stay at his home. Now I knew that Steam Powered Giraffe’s only UK dates are at this years Asylum Festival, I knew from You Tube that I would love to see them live, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. My brother’s invitation was better than Christmas!

I checked that tickets to the main Steam Powered Giraffe concert were available and asked Jeremy if he’d like to come to the concert. He obviously did some research and said he’d have loved to, but that tickets were no longer available. I had seen the night before that there had been over ninety left on the sight I looked at. I checked again then phoned him, overseas on his mobile forgetting about roaming charges. Moments later he phoned back, obviously aware of the charges because he kept it short. He said what he needed to say, Yes. And so my brother and I are going to a concert together, something I cannot remember ever having done before. I must admit that of all the things I might have imagined bringing Jeremy and me together, I would not have anticipated his indulging my love of Steampunk would have been the thing to do it. Anyway that’s our tickets bought and I am quite excited and, if I am to be honest, I am looking forward to spending a weekend with Jeremy and his wife as much as I am to the concert and a weekend of unbridled steampunkery. (Is there even such a word as ‘steampunkery’? There should be. There is now!)


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