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Where Have All The Dragons Gone?


Scrolling through a newsfeed the other day I noticed, in passing, an article suggesting that the great civilisations of the past had been preceded by other even greater, more technologically advanced civilisations. I didn’t bother to read it. Over the centuries so many people from Plato to David Icke have proposed lost golden ages that, like most people, I tend just to ignore them. Like most people I am inclined to think that there is nothing to support these theories, but what if I’m wrong?

In reality there is actually a lot of evidence to support them and only an absence of physical evidence against them. Because our world is not the world of the great legends and myths or even of fairy stories we dismiss them as mere fantasies. Our science fiction writers love to set stories in a future where humans have used their science to destroy civilisation and cause humanity to revert to a more primitive life. Is it such a stretch to postulate that the history of the last couple of millennia may be the story of a humanity rebuilding after some great forgotten war? When we read the legends like the Ramayana we find kings with flying machines and weapons of mass destruction, could they contain folk memories of an earlier age?

What about dragons, we all love dragons? There is scarcely a society without tales of dragons, but the dragons have all gone. However the stories suggest they were still around even in medieval times. So where have all the dragons gone?

In Peter Pan the dying Tinkerbell is revived because of the affirmations of the world’s children that they believe in fairies. Perhaps we just stopped believing in dragons. But what about the fantastic weapons of the legends? Once our scientists believed it possible we built self powered vehicles, flying machines and missiles that can level a city. If we can do it now, might we not have done it before?

And what of fairies and dragons? The pages of Amazon are full of fantasies about supernatural creatures as are our movies and television stories. If the supernatural needs to be believed in to become visible in reality. If as the Hindus, Buddhists and modern scientists suggest our reality is created by the mind of the observer. Perhaps we are bringing into being a world of such outrageous wonders that once we humans have, as in past ages,  caused it’s destruction, future civilisations will dismiss it as improbable fantasy. The world we create today may be the stuff of the legends of future civilisations.


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