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It’s Polite to Ask.


I grew up in the Nineteen Fifties when etiquette was more rigidly coded than in this Twenty First Century. Sometimes I think it would be good were we to have structured guidelines for our behaviour, but really all we need is a little thought and consideration for others.


A cosplayer I know was bemoaning the number of people who take photographs without asking permission. It is something Steampunks also experience although many do ask first. It is inevitable that people will want to take photographs of people in costume. It is a simple courtesy to ask first. It is very unlikely that a cosplayer or Steampunk will refuse permission because after the thought and hard work they’ve put into their costume they want the world to see it. What they don’t want is to be taken for granted. We enjoy sharing our work with the public and there is no need to sneak photos when a simple request can bring the cooperation of the players who will be delighted to pose and answer questions. The Glasgow Ubiquitous E Steampunk Society members may well hand you a leaflet explaining who they are and how to contact them.


Every time we have any activity as a Steampunk Society there are always members of the public who not only want to take photos, but often to be in them. We are only too happy to oblige if we can, please just ask.



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