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I’m Glad I’ve got a Cold.
June 7, 2016, 22:08
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Every day I begin my day by thinking of the things in my life for which I am grateful. Today I am pleased to say I have a summer cold. I suspect that this is the point at which anyone thinking of commenting will be about to type ‘WTF?’. Perhaps I should explain…

Yesterday I gave the grass in my front garden its first cut of the year, it needed to be cut. However as I had cut the other lawns some days ago it was not as big a job as in previous years, but the grass was long, I had left it too long while I waited for the daffodils to do to whatever it is that daffodils do after flowering. Anyway proper gardeners say to leave them for six weeks and as they know about these things I left the daffodils while the grass grew up to my waist. However I digress.

I this morning feeling tired and with a sore throat. When I told my wife she responded, “Did you do too much yesterday?” Since I lost a lump of the Nineteen nineties to Chronic Fatigue and Immuno Dysfunction Syndrome my relapses have been heralded by tiredness and sore throats. I had cause for anxiety so when the other symptoms of a cold I was very relieved. I know a summer cold is not something for which most people would be grateful, but compared with CFIDS it is almost welcome.

Is there a point to all this? Not really except to point out that there may be cause for thanks in even unwelcome events and circumstances. A cold passes quickly and that’s reason to be thankful. Anyway it’s my blog, I am writing it every day of 1916 and I’m grateful that I thought of anything at all to write today and that, if I’m honest, is the point of today’s blog. I suspect I’m more grateful than you are!


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