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A Stranger In My Bedroom


I am being kept up late into the night by a woman and she is not my wife…Perhaps I had better explain!

It is no secret that I enjoy reading even more, possibly, than I enjoy writing. Of course being a chap I like proper chap type books and studiously avoid anything that resembles ‘chicklit’. No I like Kipling, Dumas, Toby Frost, Michael Moorcock, Terry Pratchet, HP Lovecraft, HG Wells, and Conan Doyle; the sort of books that won’t embarrass a chap reading on the bus. However the tastes of my wife tend to run into different genres from mine like business, human resources and romantic fiction. I find business boring, my opinions on HR are unprintable and best left untyped, and as for romantic fiction, well it’s hardly an appropriate use of a chap’s time, is it?

Unfortunately for me over several years as my wife is reading I catch her laughing, laughing at one author in particular, but I have resisted her suggestions that I might enjoy her books. However last week having finished the new translation of The Little World of Don Camillo by Giovanni Guareschi a couple of days ahead of schedule (yes I like to schedule my reading). I thought I would fill in the couple of days remaining in the week with one of the books by Julia Quinn that my wife has been recommending. I seem to be averaging one Julia Quinn book a day at the moment. She has written a series of Regency romances about a family called the Bridgertons and they are funny! I am an Aspie, I don’t do romance, but I do love to laugh and Julia Quinn makes me laugh out loud. Despite being romances her books are hilarious.

Obviously a chap can’t read romances on the bus, particularly when his repeated snorts of laughter would attract unwelcome attention to his reading matter, and so I read them at home. I like to read in bed at night. As my wife turns out her light I tell her I’ll just finish my chapter, but we both know I’m lying. So if I am tired and out of sorts in the morning the blame lies entirely with Julia Quinn and her blasted Bridgertons! If my blogs are shorter than hitherto, you must appreciate I have a novel to which I am eager to return,


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