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One Thing Leads To Another…

They say that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. Today as on so many others I was made aware of how precious time is.

Neelam and I had intended to go out in the early afternoon. However before we could leave there were things to do, some to meet deadlines, but others unexpected.

We had made our plans sometime ago and all should have been well. Unfortunately a sudden and time consuming incident occurred which meant time that was supposedly allocated for other things was otherwise used. Thus the other things that had to be done in turn occupied time earmarked for other activities. Add to all this people not delivering what was expected of them and the delays caused by having to correct their mistakes and the eventual outcome was that we were late in doing the things we wanted to do for our own recreation.

I remember years ago the complaints when, as a committee chair, I refused to accept nominations and motions for the annual general meeting. Instead of being submitted before the committee meeting previous to the AGM someone tried to submit them after the start of the meeting and hence after the deadline. I was bound by rule and there is as a rule a good reason for deadlines, usually to ensure things happen on schedule. It only takes one missed deadline to precipitate a chain of delays and deferments until eventually something has to be sacrificed. Today it was my afternoon drive, but it might well have been something more important. Sometimes delays are unavoidable, but if we become too casual about our commitments others suffer and our reputation for reliability and courtesy is tarnished in their eyes.

Perhaps I have too much of a fetish for punctuality, perhaps it’s the Aspergers, but I abhor lateness in myself and begrudge it in others. I like things to happen on schedule, I plan accordingly. I consider tardiness, like illegibility, and mumbling, to be illmannered and unnecessary. It must be the Aspergers no one else seems to bother.


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