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Commodore Again.
June 14, 2016, 22:47
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20160325_121212_hdr.jpegThey say you should never go back…’they’ are wrong! Last time Neelam and I spent a night in the Travelodge in Helensburgh we enjoyed ourselves so much that last weekend we went back again. If anything we enjoyed ourselves even more.

Our intention was to allow Neelam the opportunity to unwind from the stressful demands of a busy life. As it was we left several hours late because of those same demands. Time she should have been relaxing, instead occupied sorting out the problems of others.

Our room once again overlooked the Clyde estuary and as expected was both clean and comfortable. Fortunately we arrived in time to enjoy dinner in the Commodore Inn next door. I didn’t have a starter, but went straight into my fish and chips which sadly, but not unsurprisingly, left me too full to manage a dessert. I made up for it the next night by just having a starter (Lobster and Prawn Cocktail) and then indulging in their Dessert Tasting Platter. I must admit to grinding to halt during the fourth dessert. I was happy and well filled. Before we left on Monday we had lunch, again one main course was as much as I could manage. Okay I admit I added chips and an onion fritter to my two large smoked haddock fish cakes so I probably deserved to struggle. The fish cakes were wonderful.

Neelam has the same problem I do with the Commodore the main course portions are big, but too tasty to leave anything and so the dessert menu goes untasted. The Quinoa and Edamame salad with added grilled Halloumi she had on the first night was so good she had it again for lunch on Monday and who could blame her? Like myself on Sunday night she went for a starter and dessert. The little cheese soufflé was lovely. The Sticky Toffee and Apple pudding she had for desert should probably be listed as a ‘legal high’!

We spent most of Sunday just relaxing in our room apart from a walk along the promenade (sounds better than ‘a promenade along the walk’) and going to the Commodore. Neelam unwound.

They say you should never go back. I’m glad we did!


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