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Other Gods Are Available


At the moment my daily Old Testament reading is taken from the Book of Kings. After the utter tedium of the Books of The Law, the ‘histories’ from Joshua onwards are a welcome relief. However the overriding impression left upon me is how singularly vindictive and spiteful God/Yahweh is. At the moment I am particularly appalled at his insistence on slaughtering the innocent relatives of those who offend him. God should be just, preferably merciful and forgiving, but not arbitrary, vindictive and spiteful. Why do people turn away from God? I think because he is just so horrible.

It also occurs to me that he is a lousy judge of character. Why does he keep picking as his chosen people those who are going to offend him? If we accept that God is omnipotent, the obvious response is that he enjoys killing and the way in which he orders it demonstrates his total lack of compassion for humanity. Even in the New Testament which is supposed to counter the harshness of the Old with a message of love we find Judas being told to betray Jesus, by Jesus, and then enduring millennia of opprobrium; and Ananias and Saphira being killed for lying to the disciples. Were Tyrion Lannister a Biblical Commentator he would probably say, “God is a cunt!” and he would have a point.

Of course the three Abrahamic religions that worship this cruel and arbitrary God while hating each other for worshipping him differently are not the only religions available to those who believe that there is an intelligence greater than Man (used purely in a generic sense because ‘humanity’ would spoil the sentence…humanity has a tendency to spoil things, look at the environment, but that’s a different blog if I ever write it.). Even in the Old Testament Yahweh was just one God among many claiming to be the greatest, there is no suggestion that he is the only God, just that he is better than the rest and, because he only likes the Jews, it is perfectly okay to slaughter the worshippers of other gods and desecrate their places of worship. In the days before Alexander spread his empire across the world the nations of Asia must have looked on the Children of Israel much as they do Daesh today, their behaviour was certainly exactly the same. Young religions slaughter people, eventually most of them mature and become more subtle in their oppression, Wahabism is a very young religion. Even Islam from which it springs is only about fourteen hundred years old, which is young in religious terms when we consider that Buddhism, a recent religion compared with some is only around twenty four centuries old. If you can’t wait a few centuries for your religion to become civilised you can always switch to an alternative.

There are plenty of religions to choose from with variations to suit every mind from the most closed to the most open. You could choose to be ‘spiritual’ a vague term which means you can do as you please while still avoiding responsibility for your life.

For those who hate religion there is the Atheist religion also known as Dawkinism. Here you are bound by no religious rules, you can close your mind completely to logical argument and reject every opinion counter to yours regardless of the evidence. The good thing about Atheism is that while you don’t have to believe in God, everything you don’t like you can still blame on God. As it is the exact opposite to Abrahamic religions it is the most suited to those with narrow minds and a tendency to intolerance.

There are other atheistic religions like some forms of Daoism and Buddhism where responsibility for ones life is taken squarely by the believer upon their own shoulders and they actively work to improve the world. These religions are best either joined or left alone as they tend to be the originators of the defensive arts and may compassionately beat shit out their persecutors.

The oldest faiths are those of the nature worshippers who see their God or Goddess manifest in the world around them and its changing seasons. Nature worshippers are easy to get rid of because they tend not to have any truck with armies and besides the materials used for making weapons of mass slaughter tend to involve the sort of exploitation of natural resources pagans find unacceptable. However as long as there is nature to love it is impossible to get rid of them completely, but within the next couple of centuries capitalism should have removed any nature left to worship.

Hinduism is not a religion, but a catch-all term for a cultural phenomenon that includes religions and philosophies that manifest the features good and bad of all the religions of the world from nature worship to Nazism. Think of a feature of any religion or philosophy and somewhere a Hindu is practising it. The difference between Hindus and others is that they express their many and varied religions in a recognisably Indian form, which makes even the worst of them more colourful and interesting than anything the West has to offer. Perhaps the best thing is its fluidity and acceptance that people may change from one set of beliefs to another, it doesn’t stop them periodically slaughtering each other (sometimes over such vexed theological questions as who gets to bathe first), but periodic slaughter seems to be a human trait as is blaming it on God.

I suppose the only logical position, both for those who believe in God and those who don’t is agnosticism. No one knows whether God exists or not. If you believe he, she or it does, then pick a religion. If you don’t believe in God then don’t pick one. However as none of us knows the answer each of our choices is as valid as any other so don’t try and force your belief or lack on others…you may be the one who is wrong!


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