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I Voted, Now What?

Tomorrow morning I will know whether I will retain my UK passport or apply for an Irish one. I am certain that even if the UK as a whole votes to remain in the EU, Britain will never be the same again.

It is to be hoped that the bitter divisions in British society exposed during the referendum campaign will not continue after tomorrow. I am not confident.

The obverse of Scotland objecting to England dragging the UK out of the EU, are the threats on social media of trouble should the Scottish and Northern Irish vote keep the UK in the EU against English wishes. Either ‘In’ or ‘Out’ the UK is divided very much on national lines. An English vote to exit, overriding the wishes of Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain, will not only reactivate the Scottish Independence campaign, but also add force to a Sinn Fein demand for a unification of Ireland to keep the North in Europe.

The divisions in the Labour Party have become more complicated with many of Jeremy Corbyn’s natural supporters voting to Leave while others are backing his socialist case to Remain and some of his enemies in the party sharing platforms with Tories.

The Tories too are more divided than ever. David Cameron has already said he will stand down before the next election. Now the rivalry for Party Leader has the added edge of open factionalism which may lead to further division. There is already talk of Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives separating from the UK party, could the English party split as well?

There also seems to be a division within English society with xenophobia and even outright racism a factor for many people. For others conflicting interpretations of patriotism. There seems little unity in the UK.

I do not know what the future holds, but I think we are in for an interesting few years. Whatever happens we can never go back.


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