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Lottery Visioning
June 30, 2016, 20:18
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I may buy a lottery ticket this week. It’s not something I do very often. Realistically my ticket has as much chance of winning as any. However there are so many possible permutations of numbers and so many tickets that the lottery is an unrealistic approach to boosting one’s income.

I have heard people say that the lottery benefits those with money because they can afford to buy more tickets. I suppose you could say the same of syndicates. The truth is that the odds are so astronomical that in meaningful terms someone who buys fifty tickets has little real advantage over the person who buys one.

So why would anyone waste money on a lottery ticket if the odds against winning are so great? Because winning is not the real point of playing the lottery. The whole point is the possibility, however unlikely of winning. The pleasure of the lottery lies in the time between buying the ticket and checking the results. This might be called (not inappropriately) the Dreamtime.

There is a popular question used in visioning courses and by coaches, “What would you do if money was no object?” Buying a lottery ticket initiates a similar process enhanced by the possibility of it being true. After buying the ticket a person’s mind inevitably considers on what they will spend their winnings. For most it probably begins with clearing their debts, the mortgage, but then the fun begins as the mind looks at all the things that will be possible. After spending on oneself and family there come all the other things, saving the local theatre, investing in cancer research, relieving inner city poverty. Gradually the realisation may dawn that even a hundred million is a limited amount, inconceivable as it may seem. However the process reveals what is important, what you must do and what you would love to do and if you act on those insights a £2 lottery ticket may be worth a fortune even if your numbers don’t come up.


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