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I have had a good day stoatin aboot the Glasgow Comic Con in my alter ego
‘Major Lee Ian Appropriate’  (try saying it aloud) along with a couple of chaps from the Glasgow Ubiquitous E Steampunk Society. All around us were cosplayers, our GUESSfriend Mitch  was there as Super Girl. There were some amazingly inventive costumes including ‘First Order Samurai’ whose armour was incredibly made of cardboard, most of us assumed it to be steel.


First Order Samurai

It’s good fun when people dress up and share common interests.and I expect I may soon blog about the Comic Con fir note I just want to share a thoughtthat occurred to me today. As I travelled in to Comic Con my bus was stuck for some time behind one of the  Orange Walks marching to assemble with their colleagues in town. There were people following the walk in their everyday clothes, however it occurred to me that the walkers themselves had made an effort to dress up in their sashes, smart dresses and suits, the bandsmen in their colourful uniforms. What were they doing, but getting dressed into outfits they wouldn’t wear every day to share common interests with their friends, finishing with a picnic on Glasgow green?

I know there are many people who will vehemently resist any comparison between the Orange Lodges and cosplayers and on the most obvious level they are right. I am aware that the Orange Order is seen as intimidating, divisive and potentially violent. I am also aware that we can break with the past and that we do not have to fulfill other people’s expectations of us. Society is becoming more tolerant and inclusive. I wouldn’t expect the Orange Order to include non protestants, but I see no logical barrier to them participating in society rather than excluding themselves. Of course that presupposes that we outside the Order in turn drop our prejudices and be prepared to meet the Lodges in a spirit of openness and discussion, tolerant of difference. It would have to be a two way process, but it’s by no means impossible nor inconceivable. We just need to appreciate what we share in common and allow others the right to hold different ideas and values as long as we none of us try to force our views on others. If the Reverend Ian Paisley could work with Martin McGuinness then anything is possible with positive will.


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