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A Puzzle of Meercats and Pandas.
July 3, 2016, 22:50
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I have had a busy weekend at the Glasgow Comic Con. However I have committed to a daily blog and so, despite all the excitement of the outside world, tonight I shall content myself with a little whimsy.

Someone gave us a tin of Fox’s Biscuits. The lid design features ‘Vinnie’ the Panda, star of the Fox’s ‘Biskwits’ television advertisements. It prompted me to wonder what a Panda with a New York accent has to do with Fox’s biscuits or indeed any biscuits and where did the New York accent come from anyway?

It’s not a new question, but it seems particularly one that challenges foxes. Some years ago I remember a fox demanding to know why a Polar Bear was the symbol of Foxes Glacier Mints and I could appreciate his confusion. The bear replied that it was because Glacier Mints were ‘so clear, so cool and minty’. I suppose he might have had a point, but I feel for the fox. I think Foxes get a bad press at the best of times, in advertising they are subject to discrimination and I don’t think that featuring a fox in the Foxy Bingo ad does the reputation of foxes any favours as he’s so obviously about to trap all those ‘hens’, to use a Glaswegian term for a woman.

I appreciate that since our childhoods many of us have enjoyed talking animals in fiction and I suppose this is what the advertisers are seeking to exploit. What I do not understand is the geographical dislocation of the animals. I find the Russian meercats of the ‘Compare the Market dot com’ advertisements confusing. Just as Pandas don’t come from Brooklyn and eat biscuits, Meercats don’t come from Russia; since when did Meercats come from Russia? On the plus side at least they haven’t come over here and stolen the job of any foxes…Perhaps they have, could it be that foxes won’t work for less that Union rates?

It is time we ceased to accept discrimination against foxes in advertising don’t you think? Smash the Grass Ceiling Now!


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