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A Matter Of Perception
July 4, 2016, 22:53
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Members of the Glasgow Ubiquitous E Steampunk Society were invited to participate as extras on an independent film ‘The Inescapable Arrival Of Lazlo Petushki’ being filmed in Glasgow by Hidden Tiger Productions. It is one of six short films commissioned for the New Talent Scottish Shorts 2016. I won’t say anything about the film except that I’m looking forward to seeing it. The models for the sets look amazing. 

What fascinated me was being part of the green screen process. I suppose we are all familiar with green screen on film and television, but to me filling a tiny model of a building or street with full sized people is nothing short of magical. When my wife asked me what I had been doing today I said that I’d been a crowd. Well not a crowd by myself, but I was amazed at how few people it takes to fill a whole theatre. It’s all done with the magic of camera angles and green screen. I don’t understand  the technology of it all, but I’ve watched Doctor Who and Game of Thrones and I am aware that while I know there are no such thing as dragons and giants, but I can perceive them to be real. People who watch us will believe we are a large theatre audience because their perception overrides their logic.

The whole  foundation of the Matrix is that perception and reality don’t always coincide. I was amazed when presented with a page in which the letters of every word were jumbled to be able to read it easily because as long as the first and last letters of each word were in the right place the mind still read the word as if unjumbled. Our minds have a gift for filling in the missing bits, unfortunately not always correctly.

It is said we create our world with our minds. It is certainly true that how we perceive the world effects how we relate to it. When we allow ourselves to perceive it as magical we allow ourselves to experience it as magical.


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