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Interesting Times (in the UK)


I have not yet read the Chilcot Report , but we live in interesting times as the old Chinese would have cursed and we are cursed to live in interesting times. We are governed by political elites that have nothing but contempt for the ordinary citizens who elected them. One of the exceptions, of course, is Jeremy Corbyn a man of principle who preferred to oppose an unjust war than seek personal gain. Today he tried to pay his respects to the dead of the Iraq War and those MPs who colluded with Tony Blair to send an ill equipped to die in Iraq barked like jackals as he spoke. Let us be clear those Labour plotters like Angela Eagle who are seeking to displace Jeremy Corbyn as party leader are the same people who not only voted to go to war in Iraq even though the evidence did not support it, but they are also the same MPs who knowing their guilt voted against the holding of an inquiry into the Iraq War.

Even though Chilcot was expressly forbidden to investigate the legality of the decision to go to war he does say that “The circumstances in which it was decided that there was a legal basis for UK military action were far from satisfactory” which is as close as he could get to saying ‘probably illegal’. More importantly is his pointing out that Blair’s dodgy dossier was not challenged by his ministers who have, let’s be honest, consistently supported the use of military force regardless of the threat to civilian lives. It is little wonder they hate a man who stands without compromise for Peace and justice like Jeremy Corbyn.

People today have been talking about learning lessons from Chilcot. It is very apparent that the case for war presented both to parliament and the country was founded upon utter duplicity. What lessons have Tony Blair’s disciples learned? None, the voting figures in every election in England since last September show Corbyn to be successful at winning votes in elections, yet they still present an utterly dishonest picture of his performance. Rather than doing the job for which they were elected they are more interest in promoting their own careers than opposing the government. They show utter disregard for their members some attacking Corbyn despite their Constituencies calling for the leader to be supported. Angela Eagle’s CLP has indicated it has no confidence in her, however her contempt for ordinary members is such she just ignores their wishes.

It is interesting in these interesting times that Corbyn managed to secure the votes of two thirds of his party to oppose Brexit whereas many of his detractors who claim he did not enough saw the votes of Labour supporters in their areas going the other way. The only logical conclusion is that it was they who were not pulling their weight, worse some may suggest they were deliberately undermining the Remain campaign so they could attack Corbyn. Would the Blairites sacrifice the good of their country for narrow personal and political gain? You may think that, I could not possibly comment.

And it is interesting to see the fallout from Brexit. With Leave campaigners admitting they didn’t produce a plan for post Brexit because when the Scottish Government presented their plans for Scotland post independence Better Together used it as a means to attack the Yes Campaign. Fair enough, but one might have thought they would have at least considered the consequences of their actions. Are they repentant? No they are blaming those who fought to remain in the EU for not having an Exit Plan, while saying that no one who supported Remain should negotiate an exit anyway. I see that English newspapers like the Express are complaining that the Scottish Government is trying to protect Scotland from the economic consequences of Brexit, the basic position seems to be ‘ We have destroyed ourselves, but we want to drag the rest of the UK down with us.”

Experts did warn us about the economic consequences of Brexit, but Michael Gove said that people should ignore the experts. Yesterday the Governor of the Bank of England somehow managed to avoid sticking out his tongue while saying ‘I told you so!’ and Michael Gove carried on his campaign to become Prime Minister. Were he to become Prime Minister would he discount the advice of experts? Well Chilcot has shown us that Tony Blair set a precedent for ignoring the advice of experts, Gove shows no sign of having learned a thing. One wonders into what further disasters he might lead us after Brexit. Blair ignored advisers who warned him that an invasion of Iraq would play into the hands of Al Qaeda and the direct consequence was the rise of ISIS or Daesh. Now we could get another PM equally contemptuous of anyone who actually knows what they are talking about. Would the Blairites be prepared not to oppose a Tory like Gove just as they failed to oppose the austerity measures of David Cameron? You may think that, again I couldn’t possibly comment.


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