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Glasgow Mela 2016

It is a few years since I last attended the Glasgow Mela. I went this year and was pleasantly surprised. I suspect not having children in tow makes any experience less stressful, I know I had a good time. 
Despite there being plenty of food stalls the queues were quite long and I wasn’t aware of any period being less busy than another. On the plus side there was a good variety cuisines available. The queues at the Pizza stand and the grill within the beer garden of the Bar were much shorter. The Mela was well provided with toilet facilities, enough portaloos to service an army with foot pump operated wash hand basins. I didn’t notice a queue for a loo.

I am not a lover of crowds. The Mela had three stages as well as other entertainment around the site so it was possible to be thoroughly entertained without being crushed. The Incredible India Stage largely featured dance performance. The Kelvingrove Bandstand, musical performances from around the world. There was a smaller stage that featured acoustic performances, I enjoyed some Gaelic songs there. 

It is my impression that as well as the organisation the overall standard of performance has improved since I last attended. I enjoyed a variety of dance performances, including Bollywood, Giddha and Katha, the highlight for me was probably the Flamenco Kathak fusion. Once I’d seen Glasgow’s very own Desi Bravehearts I legged it to the Bandstand in time for the Rajasthan Tradition Brass Band playing a repertoire that included old film tunes. My other highlight of the Bandstand was The 515 Crew who played more modern Bollywood music and had many of the audience up and dancing.

The Mela is a family friendly event with a fun fair and children’s area, even the beer garden of the bar welcomed them. Bouncy music and plenty of room to dance and play, definitely something to effortlessly punctuate the school holiday. It is nice to see the communities of Glasgow coming together to celebrate their diversity and also the many things they have in common.
I had had other plans for today. I am glad they fell through.


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Thanks for the report!!!! It really helped us for our article on our french website 😉

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