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Last night I dreamed that I called to an interview in the job Centre. However I didn’t feel like talking and so I took a pad of paper on which to write. Every time the interviewer asked me a question I took my pencil in my left hand and wrote the answer in mirror writing. Needless to say the interviewer swiftly became frustrated and told me he knew I could speak and if I didn’t he’d sanction me. I took pity on him and answered in Sdrawkcab which sounds like a foreign language at first, but is the verbal equivalent of mirror writing. I have to say I speak it much more fluently in my dreams than when I’m awake, but speak it I can and in my dream, speak it I did. Unfortunately I don’t know what the outcome was because I woke up while the interviewer was becoming increasingly annoyed.

As I drifted into the day I thought about people who have appeared to live backwards, beginning old and ending as a child, Benjamin Button and, of course Merlin. How could someone be born as an adult? Well they couldn’t. However if someone’s chronology is reversed then if their life coincides for a while with someone living normally, might they not appear to grow younger? There is a problem with this which I won’t bother with just now. I never understood the mathematics of Einstein’s theories, I never tried to, but what I took from Special Relativity I would sum up by saying that what we call ‘time’ is actually just an interpretation of an observation of events.

Someone, probably Ray Cummings, once said, “Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.” However why should time have to flow in any one direction? Something John Archibald Wheeler (he thought about time and reality a lot) said, “The quantum principle shows that there is a sense in which what the observer will do in the future defines what happens in the past – even in a past so remote that life did not then exist, and shows even more, that ‘observership’ is a prerequisite for any useful version of reality”. Isn’t that cool? It hooks right into the Triadic Saivism assertion that what we call organs of perception (nose – smell, eye – sight, ear – hearing, and ‘hand’ – touch) are rather organs of creation. To put it another way the world in which we live is a world we have created with our own mind, or rather which we are creating with our mind. When we create this moment we also create the past which led to it and the future which will proceed from it. Neither that past nor future existed before of after this created moment and they exist only as a part of this ‘Now’. What then is the point of planning for the future if it only exists in the Now? Because everything is created by our mind the act of planning for the future is in reality an act of creation. It also means that the future you can create is only limited by your imagination. I remember that in the Est Training we learned that most people’s future was given by their past, you could alternatively say determined by their beliefs of what is possible. This is why Werner Erhard was so keen on having participants ‘create from nothing’. When nothing is subject to belief, or the interpretation of experience then the future is a blank page on which anything however unthinkable is possible.

That’s enough for tonight’s blog, there’s more on this sort of thing and more outrageous thoughts in my book, ‘Brianna: A Life Between Lives’.


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Love the way Merlin evolved backwards – or seemed to.

I wonder if you could genetically produce people born as adults in the future.

Time can fly and flow in any direction it likes, Rory!

Comment by Adelaide Dupont

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