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Run On For A Longtime

I had intended to go upstairs and write my blog, but as I was about to get up my wife switched the television in passing to Sky Arts and a documentary on Johnny Cash. So that was me, going nowhere.

I can tell you that there is no way an hour long program can even begin to do justice to Johnny Cash.  I couldn’t get through my collection of Cash CDs in a day and I haven’t got them all. However any hour spent with Johnny Cash is an hour well spent.

I think what sets Johnny Cash apart from modern country singers is his authenticity.  He sings from experience, he picked cotton, he knew love, guilt, pain, and loss and even after the greatest loss he kept going. He grew up in an America where the Civil War and the Indian wars were recent enough to still be remembered by some people. He saw people go to fight in Europe and the Pacific and he saw the men who came back.He had picked cotton. He stood with the poor and oppressed, the original peoples of America, the workers, the prisoners, the veterans because he knew from personal experience what it was to be in their place. 

Authenticity is a quality few have in most spheres of activity particularly in politics. It is a quality that is closely allied with consistency and they are both qualities  associated with Jeremy Corbyn. He was born as the National Health Service was coming into being thanks to the post war Labour government. His parents met at a meeting to support the Republican government in the Spanish Civil War and he grew up a socialist. He is a lifelong trades unionist. Jeremy’s policies grow from his lifelong participation in the Labour movement and his lifelong opposition to injustice, intolerance and war. I think that is what separates Jeremy Corbyn from Owen Smith. The socialist policies for which Jeremy stands are a reflection of who he is. The socialist policies which Owen Smith has borrowed from Corbyn represent a recent conversion in the views of the former corporate lobbyist. He may believe them, but he hasn’t believed them consistently and the suspicion is that he is moved by expediency whereas socialism is the veryfibre of Jeremy Corbyn’s being.


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