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Little Jobs


It’s funny just how time consuming the little things in life can be, no I’m not talking about children, but I suspect the rule applies. It occurs to me that it takes as long to sew up a few inches of a torn seam as it does to wash a car. When I am working in the garden I set a timer and work in one hour blocks of time. An hour is almost long enough to dig over a bed, as I have said it’s long enough to wash the car, but not if you include locating and setting up the pressure washer.

Delicate tasks are my bête noir, Perhaps my hands are too big, they do tend to hit several keys at a time when I am typing on a keyboard never mind a smart phone! My eyes are not as sharp as I would like either. I find I have recourse to bright lights to illuminate the task in hand far more often than I used. One of the great joys of steampunking is the watchmakers lenses I bought to attach to my spectacles. I can now, once more, quickly thread needles without pain and cursing. Until I had the lenses I could spend half a bad tempered hour just threading the needle before a stitch were sewed.

I find intricate tasks require rather more planning and time in execution than the big ones. I am, at the moment documenting a crafting exercise (Free Goggles from a Yoghurt Drink) for the Glasgow Ubiquitous E Steampunk Society first quarterly newsletter. It is something that I could rattle through easily if I didn’t have to show how it’s done, step by step with photographs. The good thing is that when it’s done the piece will also double up as a blog post which will save some time. The bad thing is that as I am editing the newsletter at the same time my deadlines are breathing down my neck and I really do want to have it ready by the weekend.

You may wonder why I’m telling you this. It’s really just to provide my excuse for the shorter than usual posts over the next few days and that includes today!


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