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Some Days


Some Days are sort of nothing days.

Some Days the grey skies and intermittent rain make any major garden task too unpleasant to contemplate.

Some Days there are distractions on your time that interrupt any task and so the day becomes bitty.

Some Days are just bitty anyway because there are lots of little jobs to do, an hour here (if you’re lucky) a half hour there, nothing you can just settle into.

Some Days are draining because for all you do there is no sense of accomplishment, only an awareness of unsatisfying tasks that still had to be done.


Some Days are sort of ‘every other thing’ days.

Some Days the rain in the garden frees you catch up with things indoors.

Some Days you can jump from job to job as circumstances require.

Some Days are an opportunity to do small jobs you haven’t got around to, but can be completed quickly.

Some Days are energising because of the accumulation of small accomplishments, and an awareness of jobs that needed to be done crossed of your ‘to do list’.


Some Days you open your eyes and see the same world differently.

Some Days a burden and annoyance becomes an opportunity.

Some Days you can just enjoy the flow of things and appreciate the little things.

Some Days every little thing seems to build into a greater purpose like bricks in a wall.

Some Days are a cause for rejoicing because every completion, however small, frees you up to do the things you really want to, but had to postpone until the mundane stuff was done.

I like Some Days.


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