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Focus, Focus, Focus.


A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…and for me it was taking some time off social media. Although I must admit I did peek a couple of times, I was taking a break, it’s allowed!

I had undertaken to put together a newsletter for the Glasgow Ubiquitous E Steampunk Society and as we are now over a month into the period that will be covered by the next issue I thought I had better get a move on. Furthermore one of the things I was asked to include, The Steampunk Tempest at the Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe, begins in three days. I was running out of time.

I am the first to admit to being an inveterate procrastinator and worse, far too readily distracted. Television easily ensnares me into watching programs on subjects I had never even realised existed and so are largely irrelevant to me, except to feed my sense of astonishment at human behaviour. However the Television is nowhere near as great a drain on my time as social media. In this age of smart phones it’s far too easy to take a quick look at Facebook or Twitter to see what’s happening. An hour later you’re still there clicking links and your only defence is that you had to spend the first half hour checking your notifications in case there was something important. Important or miraculous like the mainstream media reporting honestly anything about Jeremy Corbyn, but we know that’s not going to happen.

I don’t know how much of a difference my withdrawal from sources of distraction made in itself. What did make the difference was the intensification of my focus of which the withdrawal from social media, particularly, was a symptom. I do tend to work better to a deadline and so when suddenly faced with a specific date, the sixth of August for The Steampunk Tempest, my intense writing mode was triggered. It is as well that it was as I had much to do.

I had hoped someone would write a workshop for the newsletter, but as non had been forthcoming I wrote my own from scratch complete with illustrations. The I had to edit the copy I had and produce more to add variety. One of my biggest problems was adding an advertisement I had been sent. No matter what I did I could not get it into the newsletter. However I was focused on my end result, I wanted it in, and so I ended up taking the whole thing apart and rebuilding it right on the page where I wanted it, piece by piece. It may not be perfect but it’s there. I am reminded of a remark made by a NASA engineer comparing the mathematics of theoretical physicists with that of engineers, he said “Its not the engineer’s job to be perfect, our job is to be perfect enough”. The newsletter definitely is not perfect, but it is finished and uploaded. Sometimes you just have to get the job done and it’s focus that does it.


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