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It Is Nice To Be Appreciated.

BriannaRegular readers (its nice to be able to write that, thank you. You may not be many, but you are precious!) will know the great store I put on gratitude and that everyday I note things for which to be grateful in my journal. It is good to be grateful, but it is truly wonderful to be appreciated.

When people share my blog posts on social media they will sometimes make a positive comment. I get far fewer comments actually on my posts, probably because I tend not to be controversial and prefer not to hurt people unnecessarily. I have some regular commentators which is nice. However the last couple of days have been really good. While I was writing my as yet unpublished post about seeing ‘Raging Twilight‘ and ‘Full Nelson‘ at the Ferry my mind took me off on a tangent and the post I published was ‘Don’t Turn Up Your Nose At Tribute Bands‘. It was just an expression of appreciation for the demanding job they do entertaining someone else’s fans. I put it out into cyberspace like my other blogs and expected to hear no more about it.

I was absolutely gob smacked when I got comments from members of two tribute bands, ‘Hotel Caledonia‘ the Eagles tribute band (who are coming to the Ferry on the seventeenth of September) and the afore mentioned ‘Full Nelson’ (They’ll be back on the twenty-ninth of April). It is nice to actually know you’ve managed to reach the people who needed to be reached and that they feel appreciated, it is doubly nice when they express their appreciation of your appreciation.

As a writer no matter how pleased I am with a piece I have no way of knowing whether it is any good unless I get feedback from readers. All feedback is good, but good feedback is better. Actually in all honesty well reasoned negative feed back is probably more useful, but I like to feel appreciated. Today has been a good day,first there were the positive comments on my blog, but then I was tagged into a post on the NLP World Practitioners Facebook page, I visited to see what was being said. I was delighted to find it was a very appreciative comment from someone who is reading my book ‘Brianna: A Life between Lives‘ and enjoying it. As I said to her it made my day…yes I do feel lucky!


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Make your day wonderful, you wonderful man. Thanks for sharing your stories of gratitude and wonder with us.

Comment by Robert Frost

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